A day dedicated to our Heroes

Whether it’s putting out fires, responding to emergencies or rescuing people, National Fire Authority (NFA) Firefighters like all fire fighters around the world are dedicating their lives to help the communities in every possible way. This year on International Firefighters Day, National Fire Authority acknowledged all Firefighters in Fiji, in the Pacific and around the world for their contribution to their crucial role as emergency responders. Acting Chief Executive Officer – Mileta Seniroqa thanked all Firefighters for their tremendous effort each time to keep communities safe. She said she is proud of all the 501 Firefighters around the country who are always ready to serve their people. She also acknowledged all Firefighters around the world who have fallen or been injured during their duty. While NFA celebrated this day, they also celebrate the life of every person in the emergency service career who has given their time to keep communities and families safe. NFA responds to many fires each year and Mrs Seniroqa acknowledges the contributions by all the Fire Officers, Firefighters and even the Support Staff who work in the background ensuring all the necessary requirements are met. She thanked their families and friends also as they all play a great role in their lives and in the success of every operation. On this year’s International Firefighters’ Day, Mrs Seniroqa called on all Fijians to keep their homes and families’ safe by following some simple fire safety steps such as: Fire Safety Tips • Smoke detectors save lives - install and maintain them • Don’t let children play with matches and lighters • Use candles safely - don’t leave them unattended- never sleep with candles burning • Remove electrical cords from under rugs and behind radiators - never nail or staple the cord to walls or moulding • Keep flammable liquids away from heat sources - they catch fire easily • Never leave cooking unattended. Stay in the kitchen when cooking. • Know your fire emergency number - call 910 when there is a fire emergency • Own a fire extinguisher for your own safety and learn/know how to use it. Mrs. Seniroqa reminds the public that fire safety is everyone's responsibility and that simple fire safety precautions should be strictly adhered to at all times to avoid unnecessary fire related damages to properties. Every life matters and the National Fire Authority urges everyone to help recognize the effort made by Firefighters around the world who sacrifice their life and time to save lives and properties.
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