Major fire averted in MaxValu Valelevu

National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters averted a major fire disaster last week Friday at MaxValu supermarket.

While going pass the area at about 5pm, two senior fire officers Acting Divisional Fire Officer Fire Safety Roveen Kumar and Leading Firefighter Tomasi Tuilevu sighted the fire at MaxValu supermarket rubbish dump area and quickly put out the fire using fire extinguishers and fire hose reel within the supermarket. Chief Fire Officer Mr. Qionilau Moceitai commended the quick action of the two senior fire officers for putting out the fire.

“Their quick action prevented the fire from spreading into the MaxValu supermarket. This could have been a major fire disaster in Valelevu amid the busy Friday afternoon shopping period as many customers were inside the building.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moceitai is also reminding all business owners to be mindful of fire safety at all times.

“Fire has catastrophic effects that can easily destroy properties if extra care is not taken. Hence, we urge all business owners to follow appropriate fire safety measures in their businesses that will eliminate the risk of a fire happening in the property.

“Business owners are also advised to contact NFA for practical fire safety lessons to be taught to them and their staff that will assist in the prevention or early mitigation of fires,”Mr Moceitai added.

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