NFA battles property fires and floods around the country

National Fire Authority (NFA) is having a busy weekend around the country as the Firefighters are currently battling out three property fires along with flood rescue operations this afternoon.

Property fires

NFA averted a potential fire disaster in Walu Bay this afternoon following a major fire incident at Argo Street Walu Bay that completely destroyed the MH Warehouse and Carpenters Administration Building and injured one of the workers. Suva Fire Station was informed of a fire by the security officer of MH at 12.57pm. The security officer ran to the Suva Fire Station and informed the Firefighters that a fire had occurred in the building.

The Suva Fire Station Fire Team was immediately dispatched to the fire scene and upon arrival within seconds, the Suva Fire Team saw thick black smoke and fire deep inside the double storey concrete MH building and it was fast spreading. The Suva team immediately started fire extinguishment whilst the another crew rescued the female worker from her office and rushed her to hospital.

The large stock and flammable materials in the Warehouse made it very difficult for the firefighters to quickly contain the fire. Teams from Valelevu, Nausori, Navua and Pacific Harbor were called in to support the Suva Team and aggressively fight the fire. Of great concern also was the adjacent Paradise Beverage factory, Flour Mills factory and the Mobile Fuel Depot opposite the MH Warehouse as the Firefighters fought hard to confine the fire within the MH building and stop it from spreading to the neighbouring properties.

A section of the roof of the Paradise Beverage factory also sustained damage but the fire was quickly contained in the area and stopped from damaging the property any further.

A total of six fire trucks and more than seventy firefighters are currently engaged to put out this massive fire.

While the Fire Team was fighting the MH Fire, another emergency call was received at 4.41pm of a house fire in Tacirua and a Fire Team from the scene was immediately deployed to the house fire site. Upon arrival at 4.59pm, the Fire Team saw the house fully engulfed in flames and are currently fighting the fire.

In the Western Division at Matalevu Settlement in Tavua, the Tavua Fire Team have also been engaged in fighting a house fire after receiving a fire call at 12.25pm. No injuries were reported from the two house fires. The Western teams have also been engaged in evacuation operations and have been on the alert following the recent cyclone warning.

Meanwhile, NFA Fire Teams in the Northern Division were engaged in flood rescue operations over the two days and are working closely with the Commissioner Northern’s Office to quickly clean up the All Saints and Guru Nanak Primary Schools affected by flood waters

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