National Fire Authority (NFA) received a boost to its ambulance equipment after Queensland Ambulance Services through the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) donated ambulance equipment to NFA at Valelevu Fire Station today.

The equipment worth $10,000, will be used to equip NFA’s ambulances.

NFA acting chief executive officer Mileta Seniroqa while receiving the equipment said they are happy to receive the equipment which will boost NFA’s ambulance service delivery.

“The equipment, comprising of scoop stretchers, neck braces, backboards as well as used fire tunics, will greatly assist us in the efficient delivery of ambulance services to the public.

“We really appreciate this support by Queensland Ambulance Services to equip NFA and we are very grateful to them for considering Fiji’s Fire Service in the distribution of its donations around the Pacific region,” Mrs Seniroqa said.

“The NFA is also grateful to Pacific Islands Emergency Management (PIEMA) through the SPC for facilitating such contribution towards the NFA’s Emergency Ambulance Services.

Meanwhile, PIEMA officer with SPC Anthony Blake while handing over the ambulance equipment on behalf of Queensland Ambulance Services to NFA said they are happy to assist NFA.

He said that this was the first of such donations with more donations expected for NFA later this year.

“NFA plays an important role in the Pacific’s fire and emergency services and we are happy to assist NFA with these donations as NFA is seen as a leading agency in the Pacific in relation to fire and emergency service delivery.

“Pacific Islands Emergency Management through SPC has also assisted other Pacific Island countries in facilitating the donation of the ambulance equipment lately donated by the Queensland Ambulance Services,” Blake added.

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