Prime Minister announced implementation of the Job Evaluation and Salary increments for the Staff of the National Fire Authority

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<p><strong>Honorable Prime Minister and Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Sugar Industry and Foreign Affairs Rear Admiral Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama</strong> announced the implementation of the Job Evaluation and Salary increments for the Staff of the National Fire Authority during a special announcement at the Korovou Fire Station today.</p>

<p>As a result of the Job Evaluation, the 436 staff of the National Fire Authority will be awarded an increase in their base salaries. This primarily involves an overall average increase of 21% and brings the salaries of the Firefighters in alignment to their redefined roles and responsibilities.</p>

<p><strong>Honourable Bainimarama</strong> said he is delighted to be at the Korovou Fire Station to announce the implementation of the first ever Job Evaluation of all the positions in the <strong>National Fire Authority</strong>.</p>

<p>“I firmly believe that <strong>National Fire Authority’s </strong>greatest asset is its people and it is important that we value our workers as best as possible and commensurate with their respective job roles.</p>

<p>“The roles and responsibilities of our Firefighters and Fire Officers have evolved over the recent years from purely firefighting to an all-encompassing emergency management service which involves response to Fire, Road Accident Rescue, Hazardous Material response, Flood and Swift water rescue operations, assistance during Natural Disasters and Emergency Ambulance Services,”<strong> Honourable Bainimarama</strong> said.</p>

<p>“The Firefighters are also actively involved in community fire safety awareness programs as it is my Government’s desire that we work together to build up resilience in our communities towards fires and all emergencies.</p>

<p><strong>Honourable Bainimarama</strong> thanked the<strong> National Fire Authority</strong> for ensuring that this job evaluation is carried out.</p>

<p>“This has resulted in the upgrading of all positions to the Median Range of the All Organisations Market Base Salary Structure. This also involves the adoption of the new Salary Structure for the Authority. </p>

<p>“My Government is very happy that such job evaluation will now better reflect the value of the work being carried out by our Firefighters, Fire Officers and Support Staff of the <strong>National Fire Authority</strong>.</p>

<p>“More importantly, it is pleasing to see the adoption and implementation of the new Performance Management System that will effectively measure the performance of all NFA staff and which should drive improvement in performance standards by the <strong>National Fire Authority</strong>,” <strong>Honourable Bainimarama</strong> said.</p>

<p>“And whilst corporate organizations around the country take a break during the Christmas and New Year festivities, our Firefighters and Fire Officers will continue to be on duty and remain vigilant round the clock to ensure fire safety and the quick or early mitigation of any fire or emergency incident.</p>

<p>“I am therefore very pleased to make this special announcement for the Staff of the <strong>National Fire Authority</strong>, especially as we draw close to Christmas and I am certain that the number of Staff represented here will no doubt share this announcement with their colleagues around the country.</p>

<p>“This pay increase is backdated to 1st August 2017 and the payment that will be processed today amounts to around <strong>$564,000</strong>,” <strong>Honourable Bainimarama</strong> said.</p>

<p>“It is good to note the endorsement of a new Performance Management System for adoption by the <strong>National Fire Authority</strong> that will ensure that staff performances are measured and monitored and that staff are rewarded according to their performance. The Performance Management System will also be implemented with effect from 1st August 2017.</p>

<p>“This pay increase is timely for all the Staff of the National Fire Authority as everyone looks forward to the Christmas and New Year festivities.</p>

<p>“I wish all the Staff and Families of the <strong>National Fire Authority</strong> and the people of this nation a very merry and Fire-Safe Christmas and New Year”.</p>

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